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Diamond Dog Collars With Watches 2013

Posted by Clazi Vaz on 5/19/2013 to History of WDC

Authentic Diamond Watches on Designer Dog Collars by Clazi at WatchDog Collar™

 ( May 10, 2013 -- WDC has launched a new e-commerce dog collar store offering a 'Time Morphed' concept in dog collars branded as WatchDog Collar™. These upscale dog collars with watches are artistically created and handmade in USA by Clazi, for high fashion minded rich dog pets and eccentric and rich pet parents. 

  A Dog Collar with a real watch was initially an idea that came to Clazi years ago, due to the fact that any new watch would stop on her within an hour. Realizing that her dog was continually at her side, the Watch Dog Collar concept was born and hidden away in her heart for years, until recently. The WatchDog Collar™ brand became a reality when Clazi's first custom made dog collar watches with authentic diamonds and designer brand luxury watches were offered to rich dog lovers all over the World. Clazi went from daydreaming to reality after being inspired by Dread Bizorr, the Limo Chauffeur who was her Cane Corso dog. His elegant lines and stoic character matched the vision of her WatchDog Collars that were yet to be unleashed at the time. 

  Clazi and I sat at the river's edge at her home in Bullhead City while I inquired about the origins and her goals for WDC. I began to question her about her most unusual collar creations. She told me of her Cartier Watch Dog Collar waiting for that perfect pet parent that believes their beloved dog is worth a $6,200.00 Cartier watch incorporated into a dog collar. She also spoke of an all diamond bezel, Longines WatchDog Collar just yearning to grace the neck of a sweet lil' girl dog, for a measly $5,777.00. That day we talked, Clazi made a shout out Online to Paris Hilton about creating the Cartier dog collar for her a stray dog. The one that she feeds filet mignon. 

  I wondered. Then, asking a dumb guy question, I quizzed, "Why would a dog need a watch? Clazi perked up and said, "Because it's about doggone time for the dog to shine by wearing a dog collar with an authentic diamond watch. Besides", she says, "there is nothing else in existence that can create a REAL watchdog in an instant!" Clazi has drawn attention from the Online pet communities with the catchy slogan, "Instant Watchdog... Just Add 1 Heaping Dog and Stir!", along with her jingle video, 'He's a Dogs Dog' an entertaining blues video showing off her beautifully photographed dog collars with watches. 

  From the start, authentic diamond watches were incorporated into her WDC collars, along with other unique pet bling. Today, Clazi's one-of-a-kind, custom made collar creations continue in that same rich dog fashion. Now in May of 2013, WatchDog Collar has grown to ninety WatchDog Collar™ branding sites. Thousands of additional online sources are currently promoting the WatchDog Collar due to the bizarre, yet suave music videos revealing this flashy new collar concept. The most recent dog collar designs not only include watches, but additionally sport austere spikes and specialty fabrics and Royal Azel gemstones. You can view the latest over-the-top dog collar watches, like 'Spiked Mickey' and 'Hello Pink Kitty' at Clazi's new e-commerce store showcasing WatchDog Collar™ brand dog watches and fun dog mats in shapes of things dogs love.


Contact: Clazi Vaz
Company: WatchDog Collar™ 
Address: Bullhead City, Arizona 86442 USA Website:
Dog Collar Watches for DOGS - 2013
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