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Posted by Clazi Vaz on 5/26/2013 to Artifarts Dog Mats

 These Rich Money Hogs Are DogsRichDog

Rich Dog Watchdog Collar Videos

2013- This year I am making my presence known by making presents for rich dogs...And it's about doggone time! - Clazi

 Just watch 8 seconds of anyone of these music videos... You'll be done before the next cowboy falls!

Rich Dog Collar Abstract Music Video Project. WatchDog Collar™ Designs by Clazi. Music by Jeff Chaz "Ain't Doin' Too Bad" Money Hog Harley Dog Watch Dog Collar - Designed, hand sewn and handcrafted 100% in U.S.A. by Clazi.

Instant WatchDog! Just Add One Heaping Dog and Stir

"Rich Dog Lark"  Watchdog Collar™ Dog Collar video produced by Clazi. A Dog collar with a WATCH, (yes, a real time keeping watch) designed and handmade by Clazi. Original song "Sweet Sweet Love" is written and sang by Jeff Chaz. His chilling electric guitar riffs reach the soul with a smooth landing.

Rich Dog "Cape Fear" Watch Dog Collar™ was handmade with materials used in famous houseboat remodel. Price for Cape Fear Watchdog Collar? $45,000. Comes complete with the houseboat from original 1962 movie "CAPE FEAR." Original tune by Jeff Chaz, "Lie to Me Baby" (LOVE the music, hate the lyrics; Sorry Chaz).
Visual Music Video of Rich Dog's Cape Fear Movie Houseboat that comes with the Cape Fear Dog Collar. Houseboat remodel by Clazi and Shango. Awesome song by Jeff Chaz in Blues style.  In "New Car Smell"... Chaz drives serious humor into this professionally produced piece of music - quoted by Oxford Moron -2012.
"Reality Dreamer" Abstract Video Movie of Original Cape Fear Movie Houseboat. Visuals are a completely new and unique style of abstract art produced by Clazi - Original Music by Jeff Chaz singing and playing electric blues guitar in luxuriously dreamy song..."Dreams Don't Lie."

Luxury X-mas dog collars with lights and watches by Clazi for the wealthy X-mas PUP. Lighted luxury dog collars handmade by Clazi in the U.S.A. Great any time or occasion of the year. Instrumental Song by Jeff Chaz - "Humidity."

Rich Dog's "Gotta Regatta Too" Dog Collar™ Latest addition to the Bullheaded City Dog River Regatta Collection. Collar by Clazi. Music by Jeff Chaz and Tomato, "Don't Go Monkeyin' Around."

Rich Dog Tuxedo Style Watch Dog Collars. The  TUXN™ Collection - Dog Collar Designer and Video by Clazi - Music by Jeff Chaz.

The Bullheaded City Dog's River Regatta WatchDog Collar Collection, commemorating the Annual River Regatta in Bullhead City every August. Copy Tune by Jeff Chaz, "Walkin the Dog." Models: Mason and his Jack Russell Terrier, Jack.



ABOVE are Clazi's Bengal Cats Arguing Over the Coolness of the Tuxedo Watch Dog Collar With Real DIAMONDS in the Watch. A Cool Cat Video created by Clazi. Actors: Kiko and Razi (Bengals). Instrumental by Jeff Chaz.

The luxurious dog collars shown here are unique, one-of-a-kind collars made by hand in the U.S.A by Clazi. The Red tuxedo bow tie style dog collar has a watch with 12 authentic diamonds. Order a custom made watch dog collar with your own ideas incorporated into the design. Matching leashes and/or matching jewelry for the owner are available for any one of these rich dog collars by request. Take a look at Clazi's "Gotta Regatta" Watch Dog Collar Collection commemorating the Annual Bullhead City River Regatta that saw 30,000 rafters float in harmony down the Colorado river in August 2012. Jack, the famed Jack Russell Terrier dog from Bullhead City, Az. is the TOP model for the bright and festive dog collar collection. A Genuine Cartier is waiting for the perfect pet parent to custom order. Price for real Cartier watch on dog collar is $6,200. Paris Hilton, please call.

Latest WatchDog Collar™ creation is a large heavily spiked pink dog collar with a Hello Kitty Watch, platinum in color. It's big and it's really pink. It's gorgeous and glamorous for some poor lil' rich dog to cherish. NOW FINISHED and found here  

WatchDog Collar is represented by multiple sites and videos, also created by Clazi.
Where you can WATCH more unique Watchdog Collar videos of dog collars styles created for the rich dog -- living in the lap of luxury.   

Associated WatchDog Collar Sites | More DOG COLLARS (with watches added to dog collars) Pictures and Music Videos Showing Clazi's Custom, Handcrafted Dog Collars and Other Rich Dog  Gift Products (internal link) My Turf Dog. Dog bed grass mats in shapes of animals and cars.

The only place to buy WatchDog Collars by Clazi. See every collar with a watch and other dog products with watches, ALL handmade in the U.S.A for ALL the wanna be WatchDOGS of the World.

Beautiful layout of WatchDog Collar™ dog collar images and videos – Instant WatchDogs created with clazi’s help. Tuxedo WatchDog Collars With Authentic Diamonds. My personal story about selling Michael Jackson his first 3 personally owned animals: Louie the Llama, The freak, horned female ram and 2 baby deer for MJ and his sisters to hand raise in their Encino mansion. (pre Neverland)

My Dread Bizorr, the Limousine Chauffeur is a DOG. A Cane Corso Italian Mastiff DOG. See his true story and his mail order bride, Chickey Monkey's miracle story that takes place in Costa Rica. Cane-Corso WatchDog Collar™ was inspired by my Cane Corso Dread Bizorr.

Multiple collar pictures and collar videos. Unique abstract collar art by Clazi Vaz 
My Turf Dogs dog mats in shapes of dogs. Hot Digity Dog 7 ft. poolside dog mat has a watch as his eyeball.  Green Grass Turf dog mats shaped like dogs, hearts and such lovable things for your dog to make his home turf. Artificial 2? long green grass dog mats. Rec Room, Bed Head Dogs, Hot Digity Dog images and  cool video of mats.  Artificial Arts in Artistic Artifacts of Dog Mats  Handmade by Clazi in the U.S.A.

A total of 3,340 dog breed specific articles about hundreds of breeds of dogs from chihuahua to Cane Corso dogs.

Resource links (many) for dog training tools and equipment.

Clazi Vaz Designer of WatchDog Collars.


Any Dog will find these Watch Dog Collars™ most enlightening ... the morphology of the dog collar evolving beyond any rich dog collar design ever seen in past history. (abstract art)

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